Michal Magala, 28 y.
    I was born and I live in Slovakia´s capital - Bratislava
    I am a medician and I do traumatology
    Except the work I am interested in the culture. languages, science
- but hardly I have time for that
Quite I have a liking for travelling, it is not but the real intellectual concern
    But when you feel the gloominess of your limits, it depends on your possibilities 
    It is very pity, that South America is in the such distance, it has its value
    Man limited by time and many returns many time to firstly visited exotic

    To travel under the South Cross over the Atacama´s horizon than calls
    To stray the country like many so-called travellers miss the implication
May be you appreciate by planing of your travel some pictures and informations that complete the Lonely Planet

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